The Bondagettes of Pod F (F+/F+) - Chapter 6 (2024)

RopeBunny wrote: 1 month agoA.

Liked the church scene, the discovery of her being back. Well written.

Thank you very much for the kind words. It was a different scene for me to write as well.

hafnermg wrote: 4 weeks agoLosing 1 parent as an adult it tough. I can't imagine losing both as a kid. Good thing she had a good cry though. If you don't let those cries out in time like that the tears become like razor blades inside you. Glad she had people with her.

It's not only losing both as a kid but also being the victim of what happened before and after.

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"A" wins, and Ashley will be the one found tied up.

Chapter 003: Nichole Blakely
Saturday, May 16, 2015

“Joy? Is that you?” I asked in shock upon answering the phone, “How are you?! Oh, my God, Joy! I am so sorry for how I treated you before and…”
“Can you come over to my place? Now. Nichole needs you. It's important. Get Jenny.”
“What's wrong with Nichole? Joy, what's…,” she hung up on me.
“Hannah, what's wrong with Nichole for real?” M.A. asked me.
“I don't know. Let's pay and get out here. Ash, you're going to Michela’s, OK?”
“Sweet! Maybe Lou will teach me how to play video games!”

It had been years since I had been to Joy’s. The last time I was there was the day that I exiled myself from the Cool Girls’ Club for over 4 years of lonely suffering. There was chaos that was caused by me and Casey; we were young and arrogant and angry at our lives. We were bullies. That weekend, we hurt Joy, Jenny, and Nichole. Jenny and Nichole told us to go and think about what we’d done; Joy told us to leave and to never return.

I dropped off Ash without a hitch, but as I drove to Jenny’s I felt a sickness growing in my stomach, the sickness associated with my past actions. I had tried to apologize for what I’d done some months ago, but Joy responded by blocking me on Facebook. My texts bounced; now she called me? And she ordered me around. I felt like garbage. I was scum in her eyes, and I felt she hated me for being a convict.

“Jenny, get in,” I told the Gangsta Princess.
“Hannah, Mary-Ann!” she bounced like a bunny, “What's going on? Joy said it had something to do with Nichole!”
“I don't know,” I was honest with her, “Jenny, Joy hates me, doesn't she?”
“Hannah, I… Yes, yes, Joy hates you without cause. Nichole, Casey, and I have tried for years to get her to forgive you, since you got arrested. Her sister is leery but wants to give you a chance. I’m sorry.”
“What did you do to her?” Mary-Ann asked me.
“Let me explain…”

Behind me sat the lovable little Gangsta Princess, Jenny Danielle Kristensen. She is only 5’1”, but in love she's a giant. She wore red gym shorts and a matching bandana headband with a brown tank top. Her long blonde-brown hair is in a braid, and a pink scrunchie is holding that braid. She's clearly hoping for bondage based on the bag she has with her.

It was with a grimace that Joy let me in and with absolute disgust that she let Maddy into the home. Maddy sat on the stairs in confused rejection. Jenny and I sat down on the sofa while Nichole played the piano. I don't know what she played, but she played with a broken heart. When she stopped playing, we all clapped for her. Mary-Ann, Casey, Jenny, Zoe, Joy, and I are all here for her.


“Your honor, if you could choose between getting beaten and tied up and kidnapped by your foster parent’s enemies or being in juvie with other girls who are just like you, which would you choose? The only reason I did it was because I’d rather be in juvie than in foster care,” Mary-Ann Voisin, 15, said with tears. She pleaded with Judge Mason for an hour until he agreed to sentence her until July of 2013, by which time Voisin would be an adult.

Mary-Ann was recently arrested for car theft, reckless driving, driving without a license, driving to endanger, resisting arrest, and several other charges.

Interlude 008: Mary-Ann’s Big Stretch Part 5
Friday, July 23, 2010

The troubles racked up over time…

“Why did you come back here?” asked one girl called Kristine Thompson.
“I didn’t want to be out there! I wanted to be in here!” the inmate responded.
“Mary-Ann, but why? I don’t get it.”
“No one out there loves me anymore. I’m not allowed to see the people who love me.”
“Why do you believe that?”
“Foster families. I got kidnapped because of one,” Mary-Ann responded softly, “Some tied me up and beat me! One tied me up for bed so I wouldn’t run away.”

Then Mary-Ann was silent for the rest of recreation time. She quietly retired to her cell and did the only things she knew how to do: cry and pray.


Nichole stood up, turned around, and looked at us all except the hidden Mary-Ann. In silence, she began removing her clothes. revealing a multitude of injuries. There were bruises and cuts, including one actively bleeding slice. Jenny grew wide-eyed; never had she imagined Nichole was an abused child.

Casey Clark had a strong faith that made her dependable. A stroke didn't kill the 5’4” blonde girl, and she came back stronger. Casey, more than this, was abandoned at the fire station as a baby and never knew her biological parents. This girl survived storms as severe as those I faced. A paisley fuschia kerchief hides the scar from the surgeries that saved her life; fuschia trainers and a black hood accompany that. Stroke face still remained at this point.

“What happened?!” the Gangsta Princess stood up, and their eyes met.
“Jenny, my daddy regularly beats me,” Nichole broke her heart.
“He what?!” the innocent rope bunny was gone forever, “Sis, no!”
“This explains a lot,” Casey leaned back and slurred, “I’m sorry, Gangsta Queen.”
“Nichole…,” Jenny was terrified and started crying because of her love for Nichole.
“Quiet,” Nichole holds up her hand, “Bestie, sis, it's time for you to know the truth. Hannah, Joy, you figure out to tie up me, my sister, and this gorgeous little Gangsta Friend. You’ll gag us safely, take us somewhere to be alone, abandon us, and give us time to escape.”

Joy bit her lip. I felt a burn in my crotch; I was sexually attracted to her. Big time. I see a guilt in her eyes. Purple leggings show off her lack of muscle, but she has such a cute figure. A pink v-neck t-shirt makes her tit* obvious to me. A brown bandana headband rounded it off. She was a Cool Girl without question, but one who struggled to forgive. I had done horrible things to her, but she had forgiven Casey. Why not me?

Jenny ran into Nichole's arms, and they hugged. Jenny sobbed loudly in agony. Jenny had suffered the pain of a brother dying, and now the sister who replaced that brother was in pain as well. She couldn't take it. Her life was ruined. Innocent Jenny died at that moment, and she became an adult even if one with a childish spring still. Today was the day she learned that adulthood was inescapable. The best friends sat down on the sofa between me and Casey.

“Nichole, if you’d rather stay here, you know you’re welcome to spend the night here,” Joy invited her.
“Thanks, but it’s over, Joy. I’m not going back there. I’m 19. I don’t have to be beaten and have that man touching my breasts and lower lips because she won’t let him touch hers,” she admitted to sexual a pbuse too.
“You’re still bloody back here,” I observed, “Please, Nichole, let someone bandage you up.”
“I can help,” Mary-Ann came out from the stairwell.
“Who’s this again?” Nichole forgot her name so soon.
“That’s Mary-Ann Voisin, my podmate,” I proudly announced.


Interlude 009: Mary-Ann’s Life Part 1
Wednesday, April 9, 2008

“Guhhhhh!” Mary-Ann groaned.

She was just 13, almost 14, years old. Her current foster family, in a desperate bid to keep her from running away, tied her spreadeagle on a bed. To keep her from crying out, they gagged her, just a bandana cleave gag and strips of duct tape. Silk scarves tied M.A. in a taut X.

“We’re sorry, Mary-Ann, you keep running away. Please stop!” the mother was exhausted.
“Mmmmm! Guh huh huh!” the teenager cried, but she learned too…
“If you don't want to be tied up, then don't run away!”
“Uh uh ahn o e hied hup! Hleathe!” Mary-Ann wailed into the gag.
“If you would stop running away, this wouldn't happen.”
“-ou hahe he hutht ike hy harenth!” she told them how she felt.

The scarves weren't enough to keep Mary-Ann in place though. She extricated herself from her prison and unpeeled the gag to spit out the bandana. Keeping herself barefoot, she tiptoed down the stairs and out the front door, ignoring the security system that screamed out into the night. It didn't matter where she went from here as long as she went to juvie again.

She ran off across the street, past a neighbor's house and into the woods where she knew she'd eventually find the school yard. No one would look for her in the school. The longer the hunt for her, the longer the time away from that foster home where they spanked her and slapped her for being Roman Catholic. It wasn't the first or last time a foster family tried to beat the “Papist error” and “Mary worship” out of her.

In the school yard she slept until daylight. When she heard cars, she knew she was visible again, and she hopped the fence back into the woodlands to await the arrival of her classmates. Being called the “crazy one” by the kids of Savage-Mudville Middle School did her no favors. At the time, she never knew she'd be friends with some of those kids some day. Casey Clark was one in particular. Mudville had only one high school, but it had two middle schools. She had no idea of all the future friends that awaited her in the proper Mudville Middle School.

“Mary-Ann, are you all right?” an officer on the schoolyard side of the fence called to her.

Wide-eyed and scared, the girl dashed into the woods again. She was fast for her size and age; it was all credited to how much running she did, running to hide. The officer radioed ahead to his colleagues, and the young girl dashed around a house and under a porch. She knew her capture loomed near now. Rather than continue this, with tears pouring down her cheeks, she crawled out from under the porch.

“This one again. Throw her in a cell until tomorrow,” she heard a voice say at the precinct.

The cell was cold and scary, but she wasn't in the foster home or getting beaten. This family in particular had gone so far as to break her rosary beads, shred her prayer cards, and ban her from wearing her Miraculous Medal. It had been heartbreaking, and twice she had spent some of her time in hiding at the local Catholic church, Sts. Peter and Paul. Now she was in a cold cell with no other kids around, and wondered… what if they sent her to Shakopee instead?


I felt a strange sensation and saw Joy scowling at me and at the same time lusting for me. What the f-ck, Joy? You're… dehumanizing me. I hadn't felt so small, like such rubbish, since the day my ex taped me, r-ped me, and left me in a basem*nt to die. On the other side from me is Zoe, who is kind and scared but willing to give me another chance. Am I a lesser person because I went inside?

“You’re ripped up pretty badly, but we can close it up with some stirry-strips,” Maddy smiled in her positive spirit.
“Why did you come?” Nichole asked her with a misunderstanding tone.
“Because Hannah was distressed about Joy’s tone, and we were out to lunch at the moment,” Mary-Ann brushed it off.
“Nichole…,” Jenny gripped her and cried some more, “Why didn’t you ever tell me?! My dad and Casey’s dad work for the police system!”
“Because you were happy and innocent and not ready to handle it. Oooh, that stings.”
“I barely know you, but I have a lot of experience with helping suffering souls,” M.A. held out a hand to Nichole.

I let Mary-Ann handle it. She took lots of first aid courses in juvie. Deep down, none of the graduates of Pod F knew how to bear a soul like Mary-Ann Voisin. That’s part of why she was the one who got our dearest Ashley. I sat down on the sofa again to talk to Casey. It wasn't special besides telling her about Ashley and our plans to get our belly buttons pierced.

“Casey, you won,” I sheepishly admitted, “I… I believe in God finally.”
“Don't rush it,” she smiled, “Let it come naturally. He knows your heart.”
“Mary-Ann, I do not know you at all. Are you, um, familiar with us?” Nichole asked her when they walked out of the bathroom.
“I work as a bondage model alongside Hannah and host TUG parties for my friends. Is that adequate?” Mary-Ann smiled in her own way.
“Yes, it is. Want to play a game with us? Be tied up alongside us?” Nichole loved us!
“Are you…,” Joy grew fearful at this, “Inviting a stranger into our Club?”
“Ummm… I trust this one. I trust Hannah, and I can see that she and this one have transformed from common convicts into good people of the same caliber as us,” and a gleam caught Nichole’s eyes, “You wear a crucifix. Are you Catholic?”
“Thanks for noticing,” Mary-Ann clasped her hands behind her back.

I proudly stood in our prison stance. Left hand clasped my right. We were perfectly erect in our stance, and I perfectly marched over to join Mary-Ann. Zoe is uncertain how to respond, and Joy is so scared now that she's losing her color. Jenny hasn't any fears of us, and Casey loved us. Nichole knew she could trust us.

Joy was inescapable. She wanted Mary-Ann too. Lusting and detesting. Disgusting is the word. How could she self-righteously condemn us while lusting after us and being known as the school tramp? Mary-Ann wasn't charmed, but she also has a font of love like Jenny. Asserting her size, Mary-Ann cleared her throat.

“How about I get tied up first?” M.A. suggested, “Will that make you feel safe around a girl who only boosted cars to get back into juvenile detention because it was a better and more dependable life than foster care?” she continued, “Oh, you think I’m so bad for being a convict, don’t you?” she contains her righteous anger, “You see a girl who spent 80% of her life from when she was 12 in prison?” Maddy paused a moment and took a breath, “It was better than being kidnapped by a foster family’s enemies or getting beaten or being physically and/or emotionally abused by other foster families,” never had she expressed her pain so eloquently, but her soliloquy wasn't finished yet, “Or do you wish I leave under your self-righteous condemnation? As if you’re not looking at me and lusting after my boobs?”

So Joy was so obviously bisexual that even M.A. could see it so clearly. Joy looked all around her in an effort to find an escape from us. My personal indignation on behalf of M.A. must have been obvious because Nichole took over the situation before it turned into something ugly.


Interlude 010: Mary-Ann’s Life Part 2
Tuesday, August 18, 2009

“Take that!” Mary-Ann, now 14 stood over her foster sister.
“GMMMM!” groaned the smaller, but older, girl of 17 years.
“That should get me where I want to go!”
“MMMMMMMM!” the girl screamed.
“Carrie, I’m sorry. I really am. I truly like you, but I don’t want to be a foster child,” Mary-Ann was quite apologetic, “I’m gonna miss you.”
“Mary-Ann?! What is this?!” entered her foster father.
“I’m teaching the b-tch a lesson,” Mary-Ann said with pride before giving the girl a spank.
“That does it! I’m calling the police. Your life here is over!”

This time was a success! She was taken to juvie! To her disappointment, though, the judge only gave her probation. She was taken from juvie back to yet another foster home. Her 13th arrest was unlucky and led to her 13th foster home. Failure again…

September 5, 2009

Her hair was always in the way! Black shorts, a black long-sleeve t-shirt, a black kerchief, and a black mask were the best she could do. She had been to the local Aaron’s with her foster mother two days before, and she had paid attention to the showroom floor. If she smashed in the front door just so, take a left and go 100 feet, she’d be at the TV. It was an easy way to get in, get out, and get busted in possession of something expensive. She was already on probation for what she had done to Carrie.

The security system going off didn't stop her from hopping on her foster brother’s bicycle and riding into town. She had to move quickly, and soon she was at the Aaron’s. No one would look for her in town when she almost always went to the cemetery! That bought her time. A hammer took out the glass, and the Aaron’s theft was underway. In no time, she was carrying the TV she had picked out before; it was in her hands, just as a police car arrived on the scene. Every cop in Mudville knew her by now, and she was on a first name basis with at least 80% of them. After she dropped the TV, the police calmly pulled up beside her.

“Come on, Mary-Ann. Give it up.”
“Yes, sir,” she said, acting like she hadn't been crying from before she left the house.

This time, Mary-Ann went to juvie, and she got what she wanted: a 6 month sentence.


“Look, I am going to ask for something terrible before the main game begins. Any girl with a cruel streak is welcome to come. That means no Jenny or Casey for sure. Any of the rest of you may come. Joy will come.”
“Nichole, I’m staying back. I think you should take the other three,” Zoe smiled at M.A.
“Well, thank you! I just met most of you, and most of you are very sweet!” M.A. smiled back.
“All right, all right,” I jumped up as well, “I’ve told Nichole what I can do with a TV audience.”
“Nichole,” Jenny whimpered before we departed, “I… I love you.”

I never considered that Mary-Ann was a year older than me. She was as close to Zoe’s age as she was to Joy’s. That was the beginning of Mary-Ann’s friendship with a new girl. Maddy, if college had been an option, would have been finishing her sophom*ore year. Maddy deeply felt Jenny’s pain in that statement, and she made an instant connection with Jenny too. Joy didn’t cease her fearful body language even as we walked into the unfinished side of the basem*nt, into a room with exposed rafters that looked perfect for strappado bondage. Nichole handed her bag of TUG toys to me.

“Girls, I want my hands tied in front, and I want to be gagged. Whoever dares will feel me up and spank me, but not too much. Anything more is for Chris to do first if I marry him someday. After that’s done, we’ll play the regular game,” Nichole was now the one who was whimpering while she looked up at the rafters.
“Just… um… why?” I asked her knowing too well what trauma was, “Facing trauma head-on?”
“Exactly. I have my own kinks because of my trauma… spanking and fondling while tied up,” she sadly admitted.
“It’s strange how your experiences affect your sexuality and what excites you,” Mary-Ann might have had a flip phone, but she sure was smart!
“Mary-Ann, would you do it as the tallest one of us? Joy, tie up my legs well. Hannah, gag me.”
“Only if it will help you,” Joy took my hand, “I owe you for what you’ve done for me.”

Mary-Ann jumped on a chair to string up Nichole’s wrists into the rafter. Joy tied her ankles. I grabbed one of those fun rubber balls from the TUG sorority, a bright blue one for the Gangsta Queen who loved blue, and gagged her with it. It was strange to see Nichole bare-breasted. She was emotionally vulnerable too.

I’d seen the pictures of Joseph Palmeri… with his family… before Michela angrily smashed that picture off the wall and stomped it into the ground while screaming hysterically. I tragically had the ability to picture Nichole getting physically and sexually abused by some drunken Irishman who… had no respect for anyone but himself and the male hoodlums called his sons.

“You asked for it,” Maddy kindly took Nichole’s bare tit* in her hands, “Ready?”
“Mmm hmm,” Nichole nodded.
M.A. squeezed Nichole’s tit*, “Is that good?”
“Uh huh,” Nichole nodded in a show of trust of my friend.
“And this?” SMACK! she spanked Nichole with a perfect technique.

I decided to leave them alone. Joy couldn’t get Mary-Ann no matter what she tried, and I think Joy was finally becoming comfortable. I calmly ascended the stairs with a smile in my heart as I readied myself to kidnap a Gangsta Princess. Jenny was a girl full of hope and joy, and I knew I would likely find a smiling girl who had already moved on to relief over her friend’s escape, just as she so quickly moved from shock over what had happened to me to helping me overcome it. She and Casey would make amazing company for Nichole since they both were so close to the Gangsta Queen’s heart.

I had been beaten to the punch, it seemed. Jenny had already kidnapped Casey. If Jenny is going to kidnap anyone, it’s going to be Casey or Nichole; they’re just about the only people who tickle her kidnapping fancies. That sweet girl known as the Gangsta Friend has her crossed wrists tied behind her back with a standard harness, a waist rope, and no more hoodie jacket. From the gag being still exposed, I supposed it was the gag which Casey had created for her own self-bondage play. The gag involved taking one sock and stuffing it in the other; then a bandana would be tied around the neck of the outer sock so that it’d be difficult to choke on the gag. In this case, there was a red bandana around the socks that gagged Casey.

“MMMMM!” Casey greeted me in the living room.
“Hannah, is Nichole doing better?” Jenny asked hopefully, having none of her rope bunny energy.
“Gangsta Princess, I intend to prove to you that she is going to be OK,” I smiled.
“Mmmm,” the bound and gagged girl, black bandana and sock gagged just like Casey, agreed.
“Here we go!” I said to Zoe while admiring the identically bound girls.
“Indeed we go!” Zoe jerks on the lead rope as we go down the stairs.

Nichole. Nichole, I love you differently. I love you as a friend. Friends hate to see friends in so much pain. I saw a distressed girl, scared, crying on the ground. I knelt beside her and hugged her with one arm while fluffing her hair with my free hand. I feel the pain. I know the pain. My home is no longer home either. It had been over two years since I last saw my parents.


Interlude 011: Mary-Ann’s Life Part 3
Friday, May 28, 2010

“Gah!” Mary-Ann yelled into the gag while she was beaten with a switch.
“You keep attacking your siblings, and you keep bringing popery in here!”
“Eh e o!” she cried when another whack came down.
“Not until you repent, young lady!”
“No!” the poor girl was tied over a stool while in just her underwear.
“Stubborn demon child!l”

Bondage, domination, submission, and sadism were frequent parts of her life. Never did she connect her past to her kinks until I put it together for her at her 20th birthday party. Was it any wonder she ran away from home so many times? That she clutched her crucifix and Miraculous Medal any time she was in distress? That she cowered in the sight of sadness?

She ran away for the 71st time, again to be found in the cemetery, again to be held in the local precinct overnight in a vain attempt to scare her into no longer running away. It wasn't working, though; instead, it made her hate her life more and more. She exited jail to go to her 15th foster family.

All those things she did. Duct taping and hog tying her siblings was cruel, and she did it 17 times. She was only arrested for it 5 times. She learned a lot from being bound, gagged, and beaten: how to bind and gag. Never once did she harm her foster siblings though except for the one spank. She didn't want to hurt a soul, and she often cried as she did it. It was a desperate attempt though.

What she really wanted was to have Uncle Junior and Grandpa Voisin back.


“Hannah… I don't understand why even though I know why,” she whimpered.
“My girlfriend… I met her inside,” I told Nichole, “Her daddy hurt her so badly, she shot him so that it would end. Your dad is as much of a monster as hers. I am so proud of you for taking the higher road, taking your things, and leaving.”
“Thanks, I think,” she said while I dried her tears with my bandana.
“Hey, now, you need to just lie down on your tummy for a few minutes,” I encouraged her.
“All right,” she laid down on the sofa, “Now what?”
“I’m going to take care of things,” I calm myself by breathing deeply, “Mary-Ann, it's time!”

Maddy grinned when I started wrenching her elbows behind her back with some brown rope. I loved torquing her so tightly, and I noticed Joy tenderly caring for Nichole and Zoe brutalizing Casey and Jenny. Alas, Joy began tying Nichole. I focused on my friend here in my arms and made the most of the opportunity. I took off both her and my socks and gagged her with those and a tan bandana to hold it in for the meanwhile.

I cut no corners ever with M.A. I rolled her shirt and exposed her tit* before making the harness to push her big floppy French titt*es out. Gosh, I love those squishy melons, and I made sure the harness was tighter than necessary to fully pin her arms. Under the tit*, over the tit*, through the armpits, and a V between the tit* makes the best harness. I tied the crotch rope over her shorts, and the waist rope smashes her arms and torso together. She struggled, so I spanked her!

“Mmmmmmm!” Mary-Ann let out a high-pitched squeal.
“You're just sore because you have floppy French titt*es, and the rest of us are firm.”
“Wow, Hannah, you know how to deliver a line,” Nichole smiled; finally, she smiled!
“I tease her all the time!” I continued my domination.
“She's a competitor!” my friend marveled at her strength.
“Is she ever! She is the queen of arm wrestling too!” I proudly boasted of her achievements.
“You girls are muscular!” Zoe surely had noticed that sooner than now.

Now Nichole had a sock gag too, Jenny was hogtied, and Casey was ball tied. Jenny was unable to enjoy herself still, and she seemed scared. Such a beautiful soul… ruined in a sitting. Jenny is still an innocent of this type, and things that seem tragic but normal still adversely affect her.

Mary-Ann wasn't done yet! I trussed up her legs like a piece of meat. Four ropes along her legs and three on her thighs was great; strung big toes was better; tying her arms some more was such a thrill; stringing her fingers together was diabolical. I spanked her throughout the process and began earning a reputation for brilliantly dominating the dominatrix. Spanks are so much fun!

“If we bring them back to that unfinished room, we can tie Nichole to a chair and tie Mary-Ann up quite nicely,” Joy suggested quite proudly
“Sure! Sounds fine to me!” Zoe clearly loves the idea.
“Have you ever seen a girl suspended?” I asked hopefully,
“Sorority girl. We do everything at some point.”
“Mary-Ann does work for a studio I won't touch, and she had me go with her one day and watch her get tied like a sausage,” I said knowing I’d touch him soon.
“Oh, you're offering to demonstrate!”

Jenny was a tragic sight. All she wanted to do was cry, but she was too afraid to cry. She stared at her “sister from another mother” in helpless distress. Nichole was tired and could barely hop, and I suspected mental exhaustion was afflicting her more than physical exhaustion. The two’s connection was much like my own connection with Kendra or Michela, minus the sexuality. I used tit pinches to force Mary-Ann along since she wouldn't respond to Zoe’s spanks.

You know what makes life better? Eight wraps of black duct tape around a captive’s mouth. Oh, I am mean! I have borderline personality disorder, and I have a sick dominant streak. I suffer on account of it at times, especially during certain moods. Today was one such mood.

I took those black-framed glasses off Mary-Ann and put them somewhere safe and easy to find; I then hoisted her into the air upside down! With a shriek, Maddy left this earth for a better place, pardon the joke. When the ropes were secured, I noticed Nichole was no bare breasted. The fun followed.

We gave the girls 30 minutes to escape. All of them. And I begged Jenny and Casey to enjoy an unforgettable moment. This wasn't the tragedy of Nichole; this was her escape from a tragedy! I saw it as a new beginning for her, a chance to have a happier life in a home where she was loved for once.

“I think,” Zoe started, “since you two are friends, this should be Mary-Ann’s trial for potential Club membership. She's a good girl in the same style as Joy.”
“Too soon,” I jerked on M.A.’s crotch rope, “This isn't an escapable one, is it, M.A.? Are your squishy French titt*es in distress?”
“She doesn't have to escape,” Joy said it in such a dismissive tone; did she still hate Mary-Ann?


Interlude 012: A Roof, Kids, and Meals
Friday, April 1, 2011

A proud Mary-Ann Voisin walked into Pod F with a black bandana headband. This was no April Fool. She had earned this for 7 complete months in which she had spent every single day as a III or a IV. A spring was in her step. Mary-Ann Voisin was a girl who… had no meaning. Dead on the inside while a perpetual, genuine, optimistic smile was on the outside. She had hope her life would one day be happy, but despite the hope her imagination saw no way it would be possible.

The Bondagettes of Pod F (F+/F+) - Chapter 6 (1)

She had a roof, and a bed, and a cellmate, and 14 other podmates, and guards, and meals, and a school with caring teachers, and game time, and mass to attend. She had the entire world before her, yet she had nothing. She wanted to live, but she didn't know how to live. Is it any wonder she walked out of juvie and went to live in a dumpster?

Everyone loved Mary-Ann except Mary-Ann. She was her own worst enemy. She never cared enough for herself to pursue a real solution to her dilemma, like just asking to live with one of her other Voisin relations or to stay in the orphanage. It was only after she was an adult that she learned these things, and then it was too late. It was perfect because she might not have met me or Kendra otherwise.


While the trio continued an attempt to escape, Mary-Ann continued struggling and screaming. I responded to that by fondling her tit* and spanking her before Zoe used her bandana to blindfold her. The room was full of her shrieks, but another sound accompanied it: the joyful squeaks that came from Jenny and, to my surprise, Casey, too, every so often.

Nichole escaped her father because of friendship; I escaped my past because of friendship; M.A., too, escaped a dark past because of friendship. Now Nichole is attempting to escape the symbols of her past through friendship. She was such a naturally good person, unlike me! It was fitting in my eyes that Nichole and Casey escaped in time but not Jenny; Jenny always sacrificed herself for others!

Joy was such a hypocrite, unlike Zoe. They took over the torture of Mary-Ann while I watched a beautiful scene unfolding before my eyes with Nichole, Casey, and Jenny all workimg together to escape their prisons in time. The Fredericks girls were fondling M.A.’s breasts and crotch in a curious manner; they pinched her nose; they spanked her; Joy sad*stically laughed; Maddy never surrendered though. Joy hated Maddy for being a survivor of Pod F but had no problem groping the girl for personal thrills; part of me wanted to tie up Joy, spank her, and make love to her.

“We did it!” Nichole bounced mere seconds before the timer went off.
“Yes!” Casey hugged her and smiled brightly, “I hope we made today special for you.”
“You all did in your own ways. I feel naked being seen like this, but it's fun too.”
Zoe joined the hug, “I don't have to worry about you anymore.”
“It's over! He can't hurt me anymore!”
“Gangsta Queen!” I ran into the group hug, “Welcome to freedom.”
“AAUGGGGHHHHH!” Mary-Ann org*smed at Joy’s hands.

Mary-Ann was such a brave girl despite her own fear. It took bravery, albeit a foolish type, to so confidently run away from home as often as she did. It took a heart of gold to walk into a place where she wasn't wanted and so lovingly mend Nichole's wounds, Her words pierced Joy’s soul but appeared to still make no difference, but she had made a strong impression on Nichole, who took out her phone to photo Mary-Ann.

We had brought the two captives to the other side of the basem*nt at this point. Jenny and M.A. were helpless now and beautiful. Half of Jenny's beauty came from her radiant heart, the heart that so meekly begged me to come home to the Cool Girls’ Club. Through Casey, Jenny found me, and she relentlessly pursued me to come back. How glad I am that I did. Finally, it was my turn to cry.

“Mary-Ann, you truly understand and live life by the model of our Club,” Nichole smiled, “Zoe, Casey, are you with me?”
“Heck yeah!” Zoe was vocally supportive of the misfits!.
“Of course!” Casey of course had long supported us.
“Mary-Ann Voisin, the offer is yours to accept, membership in the Cool Girls’ Club.”
“Mmm!” Jenny squealed gleefully.
“She loves, she's a good friend, and she never would willfully harm a soul,” I fought tears when I heard the offer, “Nichole, you’ve shown me qualities about her that I took for granted and made them larger than life. Mary-Ann, you truly represent all it means to be a Cool Girl.”

Mary-Ann nodded and became a partaker of the principles of love and friendship. Nichole asked us to do ws much as we dare to welcome M.A. to the CGC: squeeze the “squishy French titt*es,” kiss her, hug her, and spank her. Zoe and I did it all with pleasure; Casey only kissed and hugged her; Joy came last. She took her time to lust after Mary-Ann’s figure before looking into her big brown eyes. The younger, shorter Fredericks girl gave Mary-Ann a genuine but sexually charged kiss on the cheek.

“Mary-Ann, I’m sorry I judged you without even giving you a chance. I was scared when I heard you were one of Hannah’s prison pals, but I can see now that anybody can change for the better with the right people in their lives. Forgive me?”
“Mmm!” Mary-Ann winked at her.
“Great! Now for Jenny's torture!” Nichole announced.
“No!” Jenny squealed and started hopping away before Zoe got in the way.
“Back you go!”
“Come here, sis! Girls, untie Mary-Ann and help me with this naughty Gangsta!”

That day, Mary-Ann and I left that house with different feelings. I had reconciled the last part of my past mistakes and made things right after five years. Mary-Ann was now a member of the CGC, the club that had always supported Pod F. It was with a smile that we returned to Michela and Ashley so that Ashley and Mary-Ann could go home, but another surprise awaited us!


Interlude 013: Mary-Ann’s Life Part 4
Sunday, September 29, 2013

The young girl opened her eyes and picked herself up off the ground. Her blue short shorts were much too tight for her now; she’d grown 3 inches in juvie and fit in the red tank top just as well. She hadn’t changed her clothes in over a month. No shower or bath unless rainfall counted. She was covered in filth. She took her sign and walked out to the entrance to her local Wal-Mart.

It was a pathetic sight. Her glasses were caked with dirt even. Her black bandana was caked with mud. The small shorts crushed her crotch and made her butt obvious. The tank top was making her breasts look tighter than they were. She had lost count of the offers she’d had for a meal in exchange for sex, and she wouldn’t do it. She’d rather be hungry, although more than one passerby had attempted to take advantage of her. The tears she cried were genuine.

“Mary-Ann, is that you?!” she heard a familiar voice.
“Bernie?” she turned to see her cousin Bernadette, Uncle Junior’s daughter.
“OH MY GOD! Mary-Ann, get in this car right now!” her cousin was horrified.
“No, I’m just trouble,” the girl sat down and cried.
“I’m not taking no for an answer. You’re moving in with me! I can’t leave you out here.”
“I’m a crook and a thief and a career criminal,” Mary-Ann insisted while letting her cousin lead.

Mary-Ann slept the day away like a baby. By the time she was home, she was smiling again and feeling the Voisin love she had missed all those years in foster care. A smile returned to her face, and clean clothes and a clean bed were more than she could have ever requested. She was where she had always wanted to be, finally. Uncle Junior and Grandpa Voisin were gone, but the Voisin family still loved Mary-Ann.


“Hi, Mrs. P,” I said to Mrs. Palmeri when I walked into the house, “Where are the girls?”
“Sofia is next door; Michela, Luisa, and that French girl are upstairs somewhere.”
“Thanks. Let's go, Maddy,” I motioned for my friend to follow.
“No hurries,” Mary-Ann laughed, “Which one of them is it though?”
“Oh, I don't know,” I laughed too, “Take a guess.”
“Ashley?! Nah. Michela!” I’m full of confidence.

And there, on the futon, lying between Luisa and Michela, was a bound and gagged Ashley. We looked at each other, then Ashley again, and then a second time at each other, and then we burst into hearty laughter. This girl was amazing at talking people into binding and gagging her. The Gangsta Kid was quite Gangsta in a very different flavor from the friends with whom I’d spent the greater part of my afternoon.

Ashley not only had talked them into that much but also had talked them into hogtying her in the tightest fashion. Her arms and legs were bound as well as I had bound them in the morning, but her gag now was one of the blue rubber balls with a red bandana pushed through the holes. That hogtie I mentioned ran from her ankles to her elbows. A white bandana blindfolded her.

“How does she do it?” I asked Mary-Ann while trying to stifle my laughter.
“Is there something wrong?” Michela asked me in return.
“Just that she already begged Hannah to tie her up this morning! Ashley? Are you naughty?” Mary-Ann tried to be motherly and stern with her hands on her hips.
“Nuh uh!” the captive French brunette replied to the free one, resting her head on Michela’s lap.
“She’s pretty as a picture though,” I snapped a quick shot for memories.
“I think she’s naughty!” Luisa eagerly nodded.
“I think that’s for her legal guardian to decide,” Michela grinned and looked at me, “Right, Ma?”

I felt a strange swelling of pride of some sort within me. It wasn’t the usual pride though. I felt the pride of having done something right by this girl that she would choose me, out of all of her many prison friends, to be the girl upon whom she bestowed the title of “mother.” Since then, I have cherished my relationship with Ashley, and that is why in 2024 my household includes me, my husband, my children, and my adopted daughter, even if she’s only a year my junior.

I sat on the ground by Ashley and gave her a most loving peck on the forehead. I accepted this new challenge. If Ashley wanted me as her mother, then I would be her mother, but she had to continue to love Mary-Ann and Luisa like sisters. There would be a big surprise coming for me concerning Ashley, but that has to wait for another chapter.

“I need a nap before I go to the Moreau’s,” I announced, “Let’s untie the manipulatrix.”
“Very clever!” Michela’s eyes sparkled at that comment, “I approve of this nickname.”
“Manipulatrix?” Luisa scratched her head, “Did you take Latin in school, Hannah?”
“Nope! Just well read. You know that,” Michela’s little sister brought me so much joy, too.
“Yeah, Ash, you need to get home before Kendra picks out dinner! Blech!” Maddy laughed.
“Oh-hay!” a bright smile was visible despite the gag.

Soon, I was cuddling Michela while trying to sleep on the bed, not knowing what the night would bring me.


What surprise awaits the new girl to whom Hannah will “show the ropes”?

(A) A hogtie
(B) A blindfold
(C) A pantyhose hood

In Chapter 4: Michela is a hottie in distress, and a star is born!

The Bondagettes of Pod F (F+/F+) - Chapter 6 (2)

The Bondagettes of Pod F (F+/F+) - Chapter 6 (3)

The Bondagettes of Pod F (F+/F+) - Chapter 6 (2024)
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