Saxies Lake Worth (2024)

1. Health Inspections: 10 Palm Beach County restaurants cited for pests

  • 3 nov 2022 · Saxies, 618 W. Lantana Road, was closed Oct ... Palm Beach Skate Zone 2012 LLC at 8125 Lake Worth Road had a perfect inspection Oct. ... Lake Ave.

  • Twenty-nine restaurants in Palm Beach County failed to meet health, safety standards last week, resulting in four temporary closures from Jupiter to West Palm.

Health Inspections: 10 Palm Beach County restaurants cited for pests

2. Online Menu of Saxies, Lantana, FL - MenuPix

  • View the menu for Saxies and restaurants in Lantana, FL. See restaurant menus, reviews, ratings, phone number, address, hours, photos and maps.

  • View the menu for Saxies and restaurants in Lantana, FL. See restaurant menus, reviews, ratings, phone number, address, hours, photos and maps.

3. Saxies | Palm Beach County | Restaurant Inspections

Saxies | Palm Beach County | Restaurant Inspections

4. HOME | lilosstreetfoodbar

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HOME | lilosstreetfoodbar

5. Beach Club Lake Worth

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  • Bradley’s Beach Club is situated in in the Beautiful Old Florida Charm of Lake Worth Golf Course. We are a casual affordable restaurant and Bar. We serve Breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days a week. We have cultivated a nice family crowd and love to see the future of this City facility that was built in 1947 out playing golf and enjoying themselves. We have various events and activities for children and adults with an 18 hole championship golf course.


  • ... NORTHLAKE BLVD","","PALM BEACH GARDENS","FL","33410","1 ... SAXIES","618 W LANTANA RD","","LANTANA","FL ... LAKE WORTH","FL","33460","1","200","12/16/2022 ...

  • "1--2022011575","SEA2336660","PANDA EXPRESS","1850 NW 117 PL 301","","MIAMI","FL","33182","1","200","12/27/2022","01/03/2022" "1--2022016658","SEA2334256","DUNKIN DONUTS #34","95 NW 167 ST","","NORTH MIAMI BEACH","FL","33169","1","800","12/12/2022","03/22/2022" "1--2022023648","NOS2327735","DOMINOS PIZZA","17845 NW 27 AVE","","MIAMI GARDENS","FL","33056","2","600","12/21/2022","02/03/2022" "1--2022037209","SEA2330143","FRITANGA FLORIDA CITY INC","33497 S DIXIE HWY UNIT 105","","FLORIDA CITY","FL","33034","2","400","12/09/2022","08/01/2022" "1--2022042918","SEA2333369","SOKAI PERUVIAN SUSHI BAR","8888 SW 136 ST #383","","MIAMI","FL","33176","1","160","12/08/2022","06/17/2022" "1--2022043998","SEA2335961","TASTE BAKERY CAFE","900 ALTON ROAD","","MIAMI BEACH","FL","33139","1","200","12/09/2022","06/08/2022" "1--2022050209","SEA2334388","MEXICO 1810","1778 NW 36TH ST ","","MIAMI","FL","33142","1","400","12/01/2022","08/02/2022" "1--2022050295","NOS2335193","PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA","12509 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY","","MIAMI","FL","33156","1","160","12/16/2022","06/02/2022" "1--2022052953","SEA2334973","DUNKIN PC#355073","19801 NW 27 AVE","","MIAMI GARDENS","FL","33056","1","200","12/01/2022","08/11/2022" "1--2022052982","SEA2317210","TRADICION HONDURENA POLLOS YIHRE","3003 NW 7 ST","","MIAMI","FL","33125","3","400","12/09/2022","09/01/2022" "1--2022053197","SEA2302331","JIMMYS DINER ACQUISITION CORP","510 NE 125 ST","","NORTH MIAMI","FL","33161","1","200","12/01/2022","08/02/20...

7. Restaurant Owner Changes – 2022-23 -

  • ... LAKE CIR",,"ORLANDO","FL","32835","4075356281",58 ... WORTH","FL","33460","5615727490",60,"EL DIABLO ... SAXIES",,"618 W LANTANA RD",,,"LANTANA","FL","33462 ...

  • 1432125,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","TIPTICHA INC","SEAT",,"TIPTICHA INC",,"127 E CALL ST",,"STARKE","FL","32091","9049648448",14,"TIP THAI CUISINE",,"127 E CALL ST",,,"STARKE","FL","32091",14,"9049648448","D5","20","SEA1400027",20,20,"06/01/2024","07/19/2023","155" 1432127,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","GLENEL INVESTMENT LLC","NOST",,"GLENEL INVESTMENT LLC","BRUNO PLETSCHER","20305 NW 3 CT",,"MIAMI GARDENS","FL","33169","3053314512",23,"MAMA NELL'S CARIBBEAN SPICE",,"748 NW 22 RD",,,"FORT LAUDERDALE","FL","33311",16,"19548705388","D2","03","NOS1624341",20,20,"12/01/2023","02/28/2023","0" 166903,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2014","AMERICAN TASTE","MFDV",,"AMERICAN TASTE","JOHAN BACALLAO","21301 SW 187 AVE",,"MIAMI","FL","33187","3059150391",23,"AMERICAN TASTE",,"195 NW 36 ST",,,"MIAMI","FL","33127",23,"7868391983","D1","14","MFD2359578",20,18,"10/01/2023","06/30/2023","0" 1432149,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","FRESHII","SEAT",,"FRESHII",,"3732 WINDING LAKE CIR",,"ORLANDO","FL","32835","4075356281",58,"KAYJOH FOODS LLC",,"7600 DR PHILLIPS BLVD STE 10",,,"ORLANDO","FL","32819",58,"4075356281","D4","45","SEA5813540",20,20,"04/01/2024","01/09/2023","10" 1432172,"Approve Change Owner Request",07/01/2022,"200","2010","WENDCO OF TAMPA, LLC","SEAT",,"WENDCO OF TAMPA, LLC","Attn: Nichole Thomas","2121 DOVER ROAD",,"EPSOM","NH","03234",,,"WENDY'S OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS",,"4240 US 1...

8. Players - No Limit Pub Poker Tour

  • Rhum Shak Lake Worth · 771. 17th; Saxies Restarant & Lounge · 392. 26th; Elmos Wednesday · 254. 32nd; McKenna's Place Saturdays · 208. 27th; JOHNNY Q'S · 105 ...

9. Berezki - All About Everything

  • Saxies Lake Worth. Moviesda 2024: Download Free Telugu, Tamil Movies Online » GADGET SKOOL. « Previous Next » · Popular Posts · Manly Man Herbal Tea Recipe for ...

  • One of the methods to mine cryptocurrency is via software application and the mobile device’s processing capacity.It’s different because it’s readily available, has a wide range of uses, and requires little upfront investment. Crypto mining apps for iPhone and iPad users are pretty common these days...

Berezki - All About Everything

10. Italian Food | Lake Worth, FL | Dominic's III Pizza and Pasta

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  • Dominic’s III Pizza and Pasta makes top-quality Italian food in Lake Worth, FL. Visit our website to learn more and place an order!

11. Saxies Restarant & Lounge - PUB POKER TOUR

  • David Peterson(Lake Worth); 961. top overall; 103; Mark Figueroa; 957. top overall; 104; Paul Fulop; 927. top overall; 105; JoAnne Fulop; 915. top overall; 106 ...

12. [PDF] AB&T No Sale List -

  • 27 mrt 2024 · ... LAKE COUNTY LLC. 05/13/2015. DANDY'S SANDWICH ... WORTH, FL. 04/08/2015. LAKE WORTH GOLF COURSE ... SAXIES. *. 6018557. BOCA HOSPITALITY GROUP, LLC.

Saxies Lake Worth (2024)


How many acres is Lake Worth? ›

3,489 acres

Is Lake Worth Beach a good area? ›

Lake Worth Beach is a very family oriented town. It has many types of communities; such as gated and open. There are many parks and community sanctioned events and activities. It is a pretty safe town to be in.

Why is Lake Worth called Lake Worth? ›

The city's name is derived from the body of water along its eastern border known as the Lake Worth Lagoon, which was named for General William J. Worth, who led United States Army forces during the last part of the Second Seminole War.

What is Lake Worth known for? ›

Lake Worth Beach is known around South Florida for hosting large annual events – the Street Painting Festival each February; the Palm Beach Pride festival and parade in March; the Midnight Sun Festival paying homage to the town's century-old Finnish heritage with music, food and the amusing Wife Carrying Contest; and ...

Who owns Lake Worth? ›

Lake Worth is located in the west of City of Fort Worth in Tarrant County, on the West Fork of the Trinity River, the upper stream of the Trinity River. The lake is owned and operated by the City of Fort Worth for municipal water supply and recreational purposes.

Can you swim in Lake Worth? ›

Located on the southeast side of the island, the guarded beach is the perfect place for families to enjoy the refreshing salt waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon. Adjacent to this beach is a guarded snorkeling lagoon that features a floating swim platform for the observation of shallow-water reef habitat.

Is Lake Worth in poverty? ›

The average household income in Lake Worth is $81,792 with a poverty rate of 15.55%.

Is Lake Worth water safe? ›

Palm Beach County, FL—Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County has ISSUED A HEALTH ADVISORY for Lake Worth-Kreusler after recent sampling showed bacterial levels in the water to be more than 71 colonies per milliliter of marine water putting it in the poor range.

What kind of fish are in Lake Worth? ›

White crappie and catfish are the most popular fishes in Lake Worth. Largemouth bass and white bass are also present.

Is Lake Worth expensive to live? ›

How do Lake Worth prices compare to other US cities? Lake Worth is ranked 136 out of 273 cities across the US in terms of cost of living. The cost of living in Lake Worth is 94.2% of the national average.

Can you drink alcohol on Lake Worth Beach? ›

Alcohol on the beach is prohibited. Kegs are prohibited.

What animals live in Lake Worth? ›

OrderFamilyCommon name
CetaceaDelphinidaecommon bottlenose dolphin
SireniaTrichechidaeWest Indian manatee
RodentiaMuridaebrown rat
Oct 3, 2018

How big is Lake Worth, lake Texas? ›

Lake Worth is an artificial lake built in 1914. With a surface area of nearly 3,500 acres, and an average depth of 6 feet, Lake Worth would seem like a perfect place to swim in.

Can you eat fish out of Lake Worth? ›

All species are managed under statewide regulations; however, the DSHS consumption advisory says persons should not consume blue catfish, channel catfish or smallmouth buffalo from these waters.

How many acres is considered a lake? ›

Definitions for lake range in minimum sizes for a body of water from 2 hectares (5 acres) to 8 hectares (20 acres). Pioneering animal ecologist Charles Elton regarded lakes as waterbodies of 40 hectares (99 acres) or more.

How many acres is Cecil Harden lake? ›

The 2,110 acre lake provides flood reduction downstream from the dam, primarily in the Big Raccoon Creek and Lower Wabash River watersheds.

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