If you’re into Internet marketing, you’ve no doubt come across copywriting heavy hitters like Dan Kennedy, John Caples, and Gary Halbert. Their courses and books are copywriting gold.

However, they can be a bit baffling for the beginner or part-time copywriter. Not to mention time consuming to pore over.

Copywriting isn’t a skill you can master in a weekend. It takes tons of writing and research.

This is where Jim Edwards comes in with his Copywriting Secrets book. I bought the ebook version and couldn’t believe it was only $9.99. I’ve paid more than a hundred times that price for copywriting courses that were harder to implement.

Edwards book shows you how to write everything from the headline to the close. He even has simple fill-in-the-blank templates for some of the components!

You’ll also learn how to correctly analyze your prospect, so you can craft captivating copy.

There’s no fluff in the book. It’s all meat, no veggies. Click here to grab your copy on Amazon.


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