If you’re tired of overpaying for funnel platforms and want landing pages that load at lightning speed, Convertri may be for you!

Convertri doesn’t have the recognition of the bigger players in the funnel field, but it’s a significant competitor nonetheless. It has all of the features of the big boys, including:

  • An incredibly easy-to-use page builder
  • Countdown timers
  • Background video
  • Extra-fast video
  • Facebook comments integration
  • Custom scripts/HTML
  • Integrated shopping cart with one-click upsell
  • Lightning-fast CDN
  • Page Importer

Pages load so quickly you won’t believe your eyes

Landing pages load so fast that it’s almost unbelievable. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Click here to see how fast Convertri pages load. (A new page will open.)

Here’s an example benchmark:

Intuitive, easy-to-use editor

Some of the funnel programs from the Big Guys can be really confusing and hard to use. They’re counter-intuitive and not easy to use for someone without design experience. Convertri is different.

Move text and image elements anywhere you want with your mouse. When your page is built, they’ll appear exactly as they look in the editor. No nasty surprises.

Plenty of landing page and funnel templates

There are plenty of landing pages and funnel templates included, which you can easily update and customize. You can use those or create your own. You can also use the page importer to get some inspiration.

Adjustable mobile versions

In addition, each landing page you create has a mobile version that you can tweak independently of the desktop version.

This is great because sometimes certain elements or fonts will appear too large or too small on mobile. You can fix that with a few clicks and not worry that you’ll mess up your desktop version.

Import pages with ease

The page importer is something that will appeal to a lot of marketers. Have you ever spotted a landing page or website that you wanted to mimic?

Simply enter the URL into the importer. You’ll instantly get a clone of that page. You’ll can adjust everything from graphics to text. Please be mindful of copyrights when using this tool.

Host landing pages on a Convertri subdomain, your domain, or embed in WordPress

The pages you create on your own from importing another landing page can be hosted on Convertri using their subdomain, on your own domain, or even used within WordPress with their plugin.

The two biggest reasons to get Convertri

For me, the two biggest reasons to get Convertri are the very easy-to-use landing page/funnel editor and the beyond lightning speed page load speeds. Pages load so fast you’d think they only had text on them.

Lightning fast page speed will help boost your conversions to as most prospects will exit the page if it doesn’t load fast enough.

You can try Convertri free for 14 days. See for yourself how easy and powerful it is. If you continue beyond your trial, you can choose to a monthly or annual plan. Choosing the annual plan will save you almost 25%. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

If you decide to stick with Convertri, drop me a line on the Contact Us page and I’ll send you $20 via Paypal after the refund period has ended.


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