What is NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend's age? All about Marissa Da'Nae as tearful breakup video goes vir (2024)

NLE Choppa and Marissa Da'Nae have called it quits. The two recently took to social media to address their breakup. While the former appeared to be taking the separation in a better manner, the latter broke down in front of her followers.

NLE Choppa took to Twitter on September 13 to announce that he was single. He added:

“I’m Man Enough To Admit I’m Not Ready, And I Have Some Growing To Do”

After NLE Choppa's announcement went viral, his 26-year-old now ex-girlfriend took to Instagram, informing her followers that she was not dealing well with the breakup. As she shed tears, the influencer revealed that she was dating the 19-year-old for over a year. However, since their breakup, she has not been able to eat or sleep properly. She added:

“This was not my reality a week ago. I can’t tell y’all how hard it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time and this one hurts the most because I really thought that I was going to marry this man.”

She also shared that NLE Choppa was doing things for her that “grown a*s men never did for me” and also described him as “mature.”

After addressing her followers in an Instagram live, Da'Nae took to her Instagram story telling netizens that she “wish love and peace to everyone.” She also revealed that netizens trolled her after going live on social media. The influencer ended her story by saying that she will “be sharing my healing process.”

Who is NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae?

Marissa Da'Nae is a social media influencer with over 863k followers on Instagram. She is best known for her fashion and lifestyle content. Along with updating her followers about her lavish life, she is also the CEO of 'Brazy But Lavish Boutique' and 'Lavish Hair'.

The Texas-native also has her own YouTube channel where she has amassed over 28.1k subscribers. Her last video was uploaded just two weeks ago. In the same, her now ex-boyfriend Choppa made an appearance. The video is titled- “Marissa’s Date Nights, Surprises & Cooking Vegan Meal With Me Vlog.” The channel is mostly an extension of her lifestyle content. She has also uploaded makeup tutorials and prank videos.

According to Explore Networth, Da'Nae boasts a net worth of five million dollars.

NLE Choppa takes to YouTube to address breakup

After his ex-girlfriend’s emotional livestream gained massive traction online, the Memphis native took to YouTube to address the situation in a 37-minute video titled “Clearing the Air.” In the same, MLE Choppa announced that he believed in polygamy, which played a major role in the couple’s breakup. He started the video by saying:

“To begin, I take full blame, full accountability, full responsibility for all my actions.” He went on to describe his relationship with Marissa DaNae as “the best” and added that the influencer was the “sweetest, kindest person.”

The Capo singer went on to reveal in the video that he did not want to experience his 20s with a single woman and did not want to be intimate with just one person. He also revealed in the video that he did not believe in a monogamous marriage. The rapper stated that Da'Nae was willing to support her boyfriend’s polygamous ways. NLE Choppa said:

“Marissa was willing to give up all of these things that she felt, that she was going to get out of life. She was with me in a sense of hope out of life, and I grew out of it. She was willing to do everything… her mind and her heart wanted to do it, but her soul… that was not what her soul wanted.”

The rapper went on to add that he believed that Da'Nae did not want a polygamous relationship, which was why “he left.”

He ended the video by asking his followers to “be gentle on her heart” as Da'Nae is going through the breakup in public.

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What is NLE Choppa's ex-girlfriend's age? All about Marissa Da'Nae as tearful breakup video goes vir (2024)
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